Air Gun Ammunition

We stock a large range of air gun ammo and accessories including:



Prefilled 12g CO2 capsules & 88g Cylinders

Includes silicone inside which lubricates the seals of your CO2 gun as you use it extending the life of the seals in your gun.


88g co2 capsule—————————————————————————————————————

RWS Air Gun Pellets

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RWS AmmoRWS Supermag | RWS Superdome | RWS Superfield | RWS Superpoint Extra | RWS Super-H-Point | RWS Hobby


RWS HyperdomeRWS Hyperdome

Lead-free high-speed pellet for airguns and air pistols The RWS HYPERDOME 0.71 g is a very light pellet with a bulldog head shape and excellent penetration power. Due to its low weight, it is faster than comparable standard products of the respective calibre. It has a technically highly developed tin alloy and a brilliant high-speed finish. This new development from RWS is completely lead-free, and as a result environmentally friendly and protects the barrel. Also usable for hunting. Calibre: 5.5 mm


Armex C-Max

Armex C-Max pellets are made specially designed to work with CO2 guns & rifles,


ThUnderBOLT Zinc Pelletsthunderbolt

Thunderbolt pellets are high velocity zinc hunting pellets available in .177 and .22

These pellets are ideal for people who need a lead free hunting pellet or want a higher velocity pellet for target shooting.


.177 (4.5mm) Steel BBsumarex steel BBs

Umarex 4.5mm steel BBs are ultra high grade ensuring a polished, perfect shape to avoid misfire & jamming at the same time as keeping velocity & accuracy as high as possible.

  • Highly polished precision BB shotumarex 500 steel BBs
  • Ensures higher accuracy
  • Sturdy ‘snap shut’ tubs
  • Fantastic value
  • Available in bags of 500 & bottles of 1500



h&k steel BBsH&K 4.5mm Steel BBs

For the highest grade steel BBs, Umarex have produced the H&K branded precision made Steel BBs.

  • 1500
  • Highly Polished Finish
  • Black Polished Finish
  • Snap Shut Bottle

Gamo 4.5mm Lead Pellets

Because of its spherical shape, this concentration ofGamo 4.5mm Lead BBs mass gives this projectile the deepest penetration of any pellet, at any range but also less chance of ricochet.

  • 8.2 Grain
  • 500 Pellet Tin

6mm Softair BBs


We stock 6mm BBs in tubs of 1000 & bags of 1kg(approx 5000) and 2kg(approx 10000) at a standard 20gr weight for all round use.


6mm Biodegradable BBsBio BBs

These BBs are 100% biodegradable and ideal for use where pellets cant be left lying around or easily cleaned up.



elite force bio bb

  • 0.20gr weight
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Environment Friendly
  • Decomposes within weeks in a compost environment.




Essential for loading your 6mm BBs into your mags without losing them all over the floor or having to place them 1 at a time with your finger tips.


  • 100 Round Capacity
  • Easy Fill Lid
  • Easy To Use


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