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Taiga Horse Bow


Taiga is a one piece bow inspired by oriental style and design. This bow is ideal for the archers looking for speed and lightness, composed by walnut handle and black fibreglass.

Length 48″

Drawer Weight 30lb


Buck Trail Blackhawk Flatbow

Buck Trail Blackhawk Buck Trail Blackhawk2

This traditional American Flatbow from Raven Archery makes an ideal field, barebow or recreational bow.

The bow is constructed from multiple wooden laminations and is finished off with clear glass limbs for a superb traditional look

This bow is designed be shot off the shelf with a “hair” or leather pad for extreme reliability.

Length 68″

Drawer Weight 40lb


Polaris Recurve Bow

The wooden handled Polaris takedown bow is ideal for those looking for an extra bit of quality and a traditional feel.Polaris BowLenghts & draw weights stocked

  • 70″ @ 34lb
  • 64″ @ 34lb
  • 54″ @ 22lb
  • 48″ @ 12lb

Other lengths and draw weights available to order.


Core Recurve Bow

The Core Recurve bow is a high grade aluminium bow using the same great limbs as the polaris.Core takedown bow

  • Draw Weight : 32lb
  • Draw Length : 28″
  • Length : 68″
  • Weight : 1.4kg






Armex Tomcat Crossbow Pistol

TomcatThe Tomcat crossbow pistol has a wooden effect handle and foregrip (Black synthetic available), aluminium alloy slide rail, body and goats foot, compression fibreglass limbs and is self cocking.

  • Draw Weight : 80lb
  • Self Cocking
  • Weaver Rail


Armex Rennegade\Mirage Compound Crossbow

armex renegadeThe Armex Renegade is a professional grade compound crossbow, with the performance of the highest grade crossbows but without the high price tag.

  • Draw Weight/Velocity: 175LB /350+FPS
  • Weight: 6LB
  • Aluminium Barrel
  • Picatinny Rail Scope Mount
  • Picatinny Front Rail With Removable Front Grip
  • Ambidextrous
  • String Stoppers
  • 3 x Carbon Bolts Included
  • Removable Bolt Quiver
  • Cocking Asistance Device
  • String Wax


The Mybo Sureshot Bag offers the best stopping performance against high velocity crossbow bolts.



Armex Scorpion Camo Crossbow

Armex Scorpion Crossbow

  • Draw Weight/Velocity: 175LB /265FPS
  • Weight: 4.5LB
  • Adjustable Rear Stock
  • Aluminium Barrel
  • Picatinny Rail Scope Mount
  • Picatinny Front Rail With Removable Front Grip
  • Ambidextrous
  • Anti Dry Fire
  • 11″ Power Stroke
  • 2 x Trueflight Bolts Included
  • Removable Bolt Quiver


Armex Firecat Crossbow

FirecatAluminium alloy slide rail, compression fibreglass limbs.  Comes with 2x 14″ bolts. Solid black fibreglass stock

  • Draw Weight : 175lb
  • Velocity : 210fps
  • Weaver Rail



Archery Ammo & Accessories

60 & 90cm Square Straw Target MatsStraw Target

Made from compressed straw this target is perfect for leisure use with crossbows, recurve bows and junior bows. Fits on the timber folding target stand.


80 & 120cm  Round Straw Bosses

Round Straw BossesThese targets are 8.5cm thick & made from coiled straw making them ideal for any type of bow or crossbow.


Mybo Sureshot Bag Target

Mybo Sureshot bag

The SURESHOT 70cm is a high density bag target designed to stop arrows from high performance bows, including high energy compounds and crossbows.

Bag targets are a great alternative to traditional straw and foam targets. They offer good performance, good value and long life.

The ideal target for the Armex Renegade Compound Crossbow.


Mybo Straight Jacket Foam Target

Mybo Straight Jacket

The Straight Jacket target is open faced, layered foam block.  Lightweight and portable.

Extremely versatile and can accommodate bullet points, field points, mechanical and fixed broad heads.

Works well with high performance compounds, and works surprisingly well with super light weight children’s bows.  A really good all-round target.


Delta McKenzie 3D Undead Fred Zombie Target

undead-fredIntroducing Undead Fred the Wadhurst Ironmongers Mascot, a life-like zombie 3D target is sure to be a hit with archers of all ages. This hand-sculpted target is made with self-healing foam to stand up to numerous shots.

Dimensions(approx): 26″ H x 18″ W


Folding Timber Target StandH frame stand

Timber Target Stand

The timber folding target stand is made to hold compressed straw targets off the ground.

  • Folds away for easy storage
  • Holds straw and foam targets
  • Sturdy timber construction


Reinforced Paper Target Faces

target faceThese FITA approved target faces come in sizes to fit the 60 & 90cm square targets, 80 & 120cm round targets & the mybo layered foam target.

Target Pins

Target pinsEssential for mounting your target face to your boss, our pins have extra nibs on the sides to help resist tearing.


Animal & Novelty Target Faces

Animal Target Faces


dartboard target face Zombie Target FacesA great selection of varied size animal & novelty target faces also available in store.


Mybo 3 Tube Quivers

mybo-3-tube-rh-red_2Streamline Target quiver made from high quality Codura material

This quiver is aimed more at the minimalist, the streamline model does not include accessory pockets, but this allows for less weight and less clutter.

The 3 tube model comes in, Black/Red, Black/Blue, Black/Orange, Black/Pink.

mybo-beltTough, Durable webbed quiver belt from Mybo.
Features a plastic snap closure to fasten.


Ground Quiver

ground quiver


Metal ground quiver used in the field to support a light weight bow and to keep your arrows together.




Trophy Ridge Bow Quiver


bow quiverThe Trophy Ridge bow quiver has 5 dual spots for arrows or crossbow bolts. The fully adjustable dual arrow grippers hold arrows quiet and secure, the quick detach mounting bracket allows for quick on/ off and the hollow hood won’t dull or deploy broadheads.

• Adjustable dual arrow grippers.
• Soft-touch hood eliminates noise.
• Quick detach mounting bracket.
• Hanging loop.
• Adjustable mounting bracket.
• Lightweight design.


Wooden Arrowswood arrows

Wood arrows for use with most junior and light bows come ready to use with nock and plastic fletching. Available in 28″

Fibreglass Arrowsfibreglass arrows

These fibreglass arrows are an ideal mid range arrow for most leisure shooting come ready to use with nock and plastic fletching. Available in 26″ & 29″ lengths.

Alloy Arrowsalloy arrows

Alloy arrows are a great high end arrow suited as a high grade recurve arrow or a good entry level compound arrow that come ready to use with nock and plastic fletching. Available in 30″

Carbon ArrowsCarbon Arrows

These carbon arrows are high speed arrows for most compound leisure shooting come ready to use with nock and plastic fletching. Available in 30″

We also sell replacement Tips, Knocks and Fletchings suitable to use with the wood and fibreglass leisure arrows.

mybo knocksMybo Vanesmybo point

Rubber Blunts

Ideal for shooting cans, trees and other targets you dont want to damage your tips with.

Also great for using for safer practice shooting.

rubber blunt————————————————————————————————————————————-


Sold in packs of 3 or 6 & fits standard RPS screw fittings. 100 grain, 3 blade broadhead. Aluminium ferrule with steel blades.

6 broadheads


Pistol Crossbow Boltspistol crossbow bolts

Pistol crossbow bolts are available in either a high quality plastic finish or heavy duty alloy. Ready to use in packs of 10.


Crossbow Boltsstandard crossbow bolts

14″ & 17″ crossbow bolts in a heavy duty alloy finish. Ready to use in packs of 5.HD Crossbow Bolts

20″ extra heavy duty alloy bolts are also available in packs of 5.



Strings for the Tomcat crossbow pistol and Firecat crossbow are available as well as a range of different size bow strings.


Mybo Arm Guard

mybo-basic-bracerSimple bracer with adjustable velcro straps. Artificial leather material. Approx 170mm long.

Fantastic value for money!


Leather Arm Guardleather arm guard

A high quality leather arm guard available in medium and large sizes to protect your arm from chafing from the bow string.


Mybo AG12 Coloured Armguardsmybo coloured armguard

The ‘AG’ series bracers are of longer length designed for new archers who need extra protection around the bicep as well as the forearm.


Armex Deluxe Leather Archery GlovesLeather Archery Glove

A high quality leather glove to protect your hand and fingers. Available in medium and large


Armex Finger TabFinger Tab

Leather finger tabs available in left or right handed.


Armex Trueflight Release Aid

Armex release aidThis adjustable release aid is made of sturdy nylon, fits both left & right handed users and is padded for comfort.

Ideal to assist with the pull and release of bows.


Flex Pull Arrow PullerArrow Flexpull

This flexible rubber arrow puller is great for removing arrows from targets with minimal effort.


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