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Gorilla products

The product that started it all. Original Gorilla Glue built a name for Gorilla Glueitself with its incredible, industrial holding power and versatility. Water activated, it expands into materials to form an incredibly strong bond to virtually anything. As your solution for almost any project or repair, Gorilla Glue is 100% waterproof, weatherproof, you-name-it-proof. It’s safe for indoor and outdoor use and strong enough to stand up to intense heat or cold. Sand it, paint it, stain it. Simply stated, it’s the Toughest Glue on Planet Earth.

Gorilla TapeGorilla Tape has taken duct tape to a new level. Gorilla Tape’s toughness surpasses ordinary tapes, making the list of uses virtually endless. Made with double thick adhesive, strong reinforced backing, and a tough all-weather shell, it’s the biggest, strongest, toughest tape yet. It sticks to rough and uneven surfaces, including wood, stone, stucco and brick, that ordinary tapes can’t hold. To us, it’s made the way tape should be: The Toughest on Planet Earth.




CT1 Sealant & Adhesive

We have a new range of CT1 sealant & construction adhesive

 CT1 will successfully bond:

  • Metals (including lead)
  • Glass
  • Mirrors
  • Wood
  • Polystyrene

Unique adhesion on virtually any material in most applications without the need for additional fixings. CT1 is the ultimate solution for sealing.

  • Excellent resistance to chemicals
  • Antifungal
  • Prevents bacteria growth
  • UV resistant
  • Excellent resistance to vibration
  • Food safe – conforms to ISEGA Standards
  • Works in wet or dry conditions
  • Perfect for marine and boating maintenance, accident and emergency repairs
  • Can be used in all salt-water enviroments
  •  Odourless
  •  Does not shrink
  •  Can be painted
  •  Contains no solvents
  •  No isocyanates
  •  Unique flexibility
  •  Enviromentally friendly
  •  Instant repair and bonding with fibre glass and carbon fibre materials


Power Grab & Bond

The revolutionary development in heavy duty vertical bonding. Based on our CT1 unique sealant and construction adhesive formulation.

Power Grab n Bond is a revolutionary product in the field of heavy duty versatile bonding. It’s formulation is based on our unique hybrid polymer product CT1. The density of Power Grab n Bond is far greater allowing phenomenal results in initial grab. Coupled with the rapid curing will in the majority of applications reduce labour time by at least 50%.

With Power Grab n Bond there is absolutely no need for any additional fixings as it wFas initially developed for facade bonding. In addition Power Grab n Bond has a capacity to adhere to endless materials such as stone, granite, ytong, marble, concrete, all metals (including alloys), polystyrene and most plastics. Power Grab n Bond’s ability to bond combined materials such as wood to concrete or stainless steel to stone is incredible. As already outlined Power Grab n Bond was initially developed for façade applications, conventional methods relied on two component epoxy mix to adhere the marble or granite slab to the block wall. Depending on the weight of the slab each one would then have to be supported by drilling in ties to support each one. As with all epoxies they can be temperamental if the correct mix is not achieved. Also full cure can be between 24 and 72 hours.

Power Grab and Bond has none of these disadvantages.



autoglym shampoo

Here at Wadhurst Ironmongers we stock a huge range of Autoglym car cleaning products

because we find it to be one of the most effective,extensive & popular car cleaning ranges for both inside and out of your car.

autoglym polish

Autoglym products are manufactured in the UK, in Letchworth ‘The World’s First Garden City’. From here they are filled, packed and shipped all over the globe from America to Australia and everywhere in between.

Autoglym products are used on the vehicles of the Royal households of HM The Queen and HRH Prince of Wales and have worked with the world’s leading motor manufacturers

including, Aston Martin, Jaguar and Morgan Motors to develop solutions for their customers and always relish a challenge.



Silent Roar Cat Repeller

Silent Roar came out on top in a survey by BBC Watchdog into cat deterrents for the garden. They found that after just 3 hours of putting the pellets down, no cats visited the garden!

Silent Roar used to be sold as a cat deterrent, however the natural make up of the product Silent Roarhas prevented the manufacturer getting the product the necessary new EU certification for chemicals, as it’s not a chemical and the make up of every batch of lion poo is different as it depends on what the lions have eaten. This means as deterrents are regulated by the EU law. (Don’t we all love some of the EU laws) the product is now sold as an organic fertiliser – but the product is exactly the same and nothing has changed! Apart from the fact we can no longer legally say it deters cats.

Below is the old text from the site – for reference
Your lovingly tendered borders can now be kept free from cats’ poops! Just spread the pellets over vulnerable areas to keep the cats away. The pellets are soaked in real essence of lion dung and are then dried and sterilised. As cats are territorial, even the bravest of pussies will retreat when they smell a lion has been there first!

This is an environmentally friendly product and contains no artificial chemicals. During normal weather conditions, one application can last up to three months.Although not recommended by the manufacturer, customers have found that this product also seems to deter squirrels, deer and foxes.


Spread the pellets about 3-4 inches apart
Handle the pellets with the gloves provided in order to keep the human scent off the pellets
Wash and dry hands after use
Keep out of reach of children
After heavy rain, sprinkle a few more pellets to boost the scent


Bayer Kybosh


A household insecticide suitable for the control a wide range of flying Kybosh Insect Killer.ashxand crawling insect pests found in the home including houseflies, mosquitoes, ants and fleas. As a residual insecticide it can be sprayed onto window sills, skirting boards and other hard surfaces in the home.

  • Fast acting aerosol for the control of flies, mosquitoes and other small flying insects
  • Long Lasting
  • Also kills cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs and ants

Kybosh can be applied in the following ways:

Flying insects:

1. To kill, spray one or two short bursts directly at the pests.

2. To clear or protect a room, close all windows and doors. Spray in all directions for 3-5 seconds. Leave room closed for about 10 minutes.

Crawling insects:

1. To kill, hold can upside down, spray one or two bursts directly at the pests from a distance of 15cm.

2. To clear or protect a room, spray hiding places until surface is wet. Test spray in small area before treating wall coverings.


Spray around carpets, skirting boards, bedding and baskets.


e-cloth - perfect cleaning with just water

With 480,000 fibres per cm2, e-cloths have enormous cleaning power. The act of drawing this volume of cleaning edges across a surface gives a deeper clean than cleaning with chemicals. The fibres break up and remove more grease and dirt, incredibly using just water.

Using high quality fibres, the construction of each cloth is specifically selected for the cloth’s end use. They easily outperform and outlast traditional cloths and other cloths made with similar but lower quality fibres.


For more info and product videos visit www.e-cloth.com


We now have a new addition to Wadhurst Ironmongers to cater to your sewing and craft needs – the Korbond Haberdashery, Sewing & Clothes Care range.
The range contains everything you need for clothes care
If you’re looking to mend, alter or change then try the Korbond range.

Included in the range are:

  • Laundry Pens
  • Hemming Web 10 & 20mtr
  • Iron On Mender
  • Hook & Loop Iron On
  • Hook & Loop Stick On
  • Stitch Ripper
  • Tape Measures
  • Thimble & Needle Threaders
  •  Assorted Buttons
  • Berry Pins
  • Dress Maker Pins
  • Safety Pins
  • Gilt Safety Pins
  • Sew On Snap Fasteners
  • Needle Compact
  • Easy Threading Needles
  • Sewing Machine Needles
  • Dressmaker Scissors 9″
  • Craft Scissors 7″
  • Black Elastic
  • White Elastic
  • Sewing Kit
  • Sewing Bag
  • Auto Brush
  • Clothes Brush
  • Lint Roller & Refills
  • Pet Hair Roller & Refills
  • Pastel Mixed Thread Selection
  • Dark Mixed Thread Selection
  • Black, White, Cream, Natural, Khaki. Chestnut, Red, & Navy Thread
  • General Purpose Scissors 5″


Here at Wadhurst Ironmongers we stock the full range of Dylon fabric dyes.
These include Machine Dyes, Hand Dyes ,the all in one Wash & Dye & the all important Salt which opens up the pores of the fabric and allows the dye to be absorbed.
DYLON brings you a broad palette of

colours to choose from as showcased here – from tranquil pastels like Powder Pink and China Blue to vibrant jewels like Amazon Green and vivacious shades like Flamingo Pink. A rainbow of choice and vibrant possibilities lay before you.


We would always advise that you weigh the item that you want to dye to determine how many packs of dye you’ll need. The table below gives you a rough idea of the weight of some regular items.

Item Weight
Jeans or Trousers 600g (1 1/4lbs)
2 Shirts 500g (1lb)
Bath Towel 600g (1 1/4lbs)
Double Sheet 600g (1 1/4lbs)
Double Duvet Cover 1200g (2 1/2lbs)
Curtains 2kg (4lbs)
If your not sure about dyeing then Dylon has a excellent tips & Info page here – http://www.dylon.co.uk/help.html

Command™ Hooks are available in a wide range of designs to match your individual style. They also come in a variety of sizes and hold a surprising amount of weight — up to 3kg! Forget about nails, screws and tacks, Command™ Hooks are fast and easy to hang! The revolutionary Command™ Adhesive, holds strongly on a variety of surfaces, including paint, wood, tile and more. Yet, removes cleanly — no holes, marks, sticky residue or stains. Rehanging them is as easy as applying a replacement Mounting™ Strip, so you can take down, move and reuse them again and again!


Lighthouse Elite Cree LED Torch

A high performance torch featuring a super-bright CREE LED, focus control, full beam, half cree mini ledbeam and strobe functions. Supplied with batteries.

These top of the range torches features the very latest technology by incorporating CREE LEDs providing a super bright beam from a single source. CREE LEDs are unsurpassed in both output and efficiency with a life span of over 100,000 hours and will provide a bright beam of light for up to 8 hours from one set of batteries.

  • 3 Watt
  • 140 Lumens
  • 3 AAA Cell alkaline batteries included
  • 3 function: High / Low / Strobe
  • Focus control
  • Super bright high-performance CREE LED
  • Aluminium body
  • Polycarbonate optical reflector lens
  • Shock proof & rain resistant
  • Wrist strap
  • Battery Life: 6-8 hours

Dimensions: 35 x 110mm

Professional Quality Torches

A new range of high performance torches. They feature super-bright CREE LEDs, focus control, full beam, half beam and strobe functions. All come supplied with alkaline batteries.


CREE LED Technology

These top of the range torches features the very latest technology by incorporating CREE LEDs providing a super bright beam from a single source. CREE LEDs are unsurpassed in both output and efficiency with a life span of over 100,000 hours and will provide a bright beam of light for up to 10 hours from one set of batteries.


HG offer a huge range of cleaning products for all surfaces & applications.

  • Around the house and garden
  • Bathroom/ toilet
  • Car, boat and caravan
  • Carpet, vinyl and other flooring
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Gold, silver, copper
  • Insects/ insecticides
  • Kitchen
  • Leather
  • Living room, bedroom and other …
  • Natural stone
  • Parquet, laminate and wooden …
  • Recreation/ holiday
  • Stench, smells & odours
  • Textiles/ clothing


Leatherman Wave

The Leatherman Wave multi-tool is hands down our most popular model, made famous by its outside-accessible blades that can be deployed with just one hand. When we redesigned it in 2004, we gave the new Wave larger knives, stronger pliers, longer wire cutters, and all-locking blades. Perfect for any job, adventure, or everyday task, the Wave multi-tool is an international best-seller.


  • Needlenose Pliers
  • Regular Pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Hard-wire Cutters
  • 420HC Knife
  • 420HC Serrated Knife
  • Saw
  • Scissors
  • Wood/Metal File
  • Diamond-coated File
  • Large Bit Driver
  • Small Bit Driver
  • Medium Screwdriver
  • Ruler (8 inch/19 cm)
  • Bottle Opener
  • Can Opener
  • Wire Stripper


  • Lanyard Ring
  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • All Locking Blades and Tools
  • Leather or Nylon Sheath
  • Stainless Steel Handles
  • Black Oxide Version Available
  • 25-year Warranty
  • BIT KIT: Phillips #1-2 and Screwdriver 3/16″, Phillips Eyeglass Screwdriver and Flat Tip


  • 4 in | 10 cm (Closed)
  • 8.5 oz | 241 g (Weight)
  • 2.9 in | 7.37 cm (Blade Length)


Wadhurst Ironmongers, High Street, Wadhurst, East Sussex, TN5 6AP | 01892 782218