Moles may cause damage in a range of situations. In gardens and amenity areas, molehills and tunnels can be a nuisance. In agriculture, contamination of grass by soil may lead to poor quality silage being produced.

Moles are a widespread species and are not protected by conservation legislation but, under the Wild Mammals (Protection) Act 1996, must do so in a humane way, meaning they should not cause unnecessary suffering.


Defenders Mole Claw Trap

mole clar trap


  • Catch-and-kill traps for protection of lawns and gardens
  • Strong spring action and galvanised for rust-free durability
  • Suitable for all weathers
  • Setting instructions on trap




Defenders Mole Tunnel Trap


  • Two-way trap with traditional proven design
  • Suitable for use in frosted ground and wet weather conditions
  • Low-cost control of moles in garden, farm, and country locations
  • Setting instructions on trap


Growing Success Mole Repellent

Growing Success Mole Repellent Mole Repellentdeters or moves moles in lawns and borders without harming them.  It works by confusing the mole’s sense of taste and smell.



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