Scopes & Sights

Scopes & Sights


BSA Essencial Telescopic Scopes

BSA ScopesSetting new standards of quality and reliability, essential scopes are exactly that, an essential part of any serious air rifle shooters equipment. Since their launch in 2006, they have enabled shooters to take the honours at many competitive events and become the first choice for hunters and professional pest controllers across the globe.

Packed with advanced features the essential starts with a one piece body of high grade aluminium and has a fast focus eye bell, finger adjustable turrets, fully multi-coated lenses, and a choice of reticules. Amongst which is the BSA mil-dot, which ‘Air Gunner’ magazine described as ‘probably the best mil-dot reticule available’, because unlike many inferior scopes the dots are not spread out, but concentrated where they are needed, in the centre of the pattern.

focus eye bellFast focus eye bell
To ensure perfect optical focus of reticule and target


New finger adjustable turrets

High precision turret drums, with 1/4″ finger turretsMOA click adjustments give improved control, even when wearing gloves


Fully multi-coated lenses

Give enhanced Lensestarget image by facilitating maximum light transmission for a brighter clearer sight picture



We currently stock 3 of BSA’s most popular scopes but can order any of their extensive range.

  • Essencial 3-9 x 40 WR
  • Essencial 3-9 x 50 WR
  • Essencial 6-24 x 50 AO


Gamo 3-9×32 WR Scope

gamo 3-9x32 scopeThe Gamo 3-9 x 32 WR scope comes with mounts ready to fit to your rifle.


Gamo RGB Dot Sights

Gamo 20mm & 30mm RGB Dot Sight s

This is a sensational gamo 20mm sightsight for almost every type of shooting–especially “close in.” It works well on air rifles, hand guns & crossbows. When you turn the sight switch on, a bright red/green/blue dot appears on the center of your scope with 3 brightness settings.

Fits standard Weaver & Picatinny rails (Adaptor available to fit to standard air rifle rails)Gamo 30mm RGB Dot Sight




Walther Pointsights

Walther Competition II PointsightWalther competition II Back

  • precise adjustable
  • Green Illumination
  • 2 Illumination Levels
  • solid mounting for the mounting on weaverrails (20-23mm)
  • good processed and high-grade materialWalther Competition II side
  • made of solid plastic
  • flat and light construction, so it’s perfect for pistols, too



Walther Shot Dot ProWalther Shot Dot Pro Front

  • precise adjustable
  • Green Illumination
  • 2 Illumination levels
  • mounting for the mounting on weaverrails (20-23mm)
  • You can use it with constant dot intesity or with with AUTO-intensity
  • adjustable for windage Walther Shot Dot Pro Rearand elevation


Umarex Lasers

The Umarex  Lasers fit almost all airguns and is a great accessory for your new airgun!

Both come with a rail on the under side so you can mount further accessories on them.


tac laser

  • Fits most Weaver/Picatinny rails
  • Windage & elevation adjustments
  • Sturdy resin material
  • Easy to use on off lever
  • Weaver rail on
  • Batteries included

Nano Laser

  • Fits most Weaver/Picatinny railsUmarex_Nano_Laser
  • Windage & elevation adjustments
  • Solid aluminium material
  • Easy to use on off button
  • Weaver rail on
  • Batteries included


Trigger Mounted Laser

trigger mounted laserUniversal mounting laser that fits on the front of gun trigger guards.

  • Fits Most Trigger Guards (adaptors included)
  • Adjustable windage and elevation
  • Grip mountable on/off switch
  • Batteries Included



BSA Varmint Hunter

The BSA Varmin Hunter kit is designed to fit on to your rifles scope giving you the benefit of a laser and torch without the need for extra rail mounts.

  • Iluminate your target in low light conditionsBSA Varmint Hunter
  • Fits any 10mm tube
  • Adaptable in scopes with a 20mm to 50mm objective
  • Precision laser finds your target with pinpoint accuracy
  • For all small calibre rifles and all air rifles up to 1000 fps
  • Comes with rear buttons or pressure pad activation


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